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Wristgear sizes range from 6.5 inches to 9.5 inches in 1/2 inch increments. This is the circumference of your wrist just behind the wrist bone.
You will be required to select your size from the drop down list on the product page before you add to your cart.
How do I measure my wrist??
The quickest way to measure your wrist is to take a piece of string (12 inches) and wrap it around your wrist just behind the wrist bone.

Next, determine where one end of the string lines up with the remaining string and mark that spot.

Then lay the string out and measure, with a ruler, from the end of the string to the spot that you marked.

Let's say your wrist measured 7 and 1/4 inches. You would select size 7.5 on the product page as you want to round up not down if your wrist size falls somewhere between the half sizes.